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Currently not available until January 2025

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Say Yup is a Dutch javascript developer for hire and my name is Joey van Dijk.
Say Yup is about being pragmatic & looking beyond so - called 'borders'. Every web development project has to be finished in time with all the features in scope. But due to politics, pressure, no understanding or whatever reason this objective is always hard to fulfill completely.
With more than 23 years experience in sometimes challenging environments Say Yup is capable to help finishing your web development projects in time and within budget.
My main focus nowadays are serverless technologies in combination with JAMstack (for example Gatsby JS) applications.
As a developer I work with Javascript on the frontend (React / custom code) and on the backend (Node.js). I know my way around in CSS , HTML , Bash , Git , responsive sites / images , webpack (previously grunt / gulp) , NPM , Amazon Web Services (AWS) , IaC (based on AWS Cloudformation) , building performant static websites and custom full stack solutions from API to data-pipelines in AWS .
As a news-junkie I am able to follow what is happening in the market and where it is headed. RSS feeds, newsletters, Twitter and open source are my sources.
Say Yup can only be hired as a freelance javascript developer in your project or as a consultant for your web development challenges. I am bound to the Amsterdam area or 1 hour by public transport from my hometown, but I am also capable of working remote.